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How to make the most of it after you buy YouTube views

Let us look at things from two angles. First, let us address the personal point of view, then we can focus strictly on business for the rest of the way. Personal views on life and what you would like to achieve can be quite complex because from a global population of billions, we are all so very different. We are all unique, some way or another, in the way we approach life and how we respond to everyday issues, from global warming, feeding the poor and hungry to dealing with another financial crisis, should it ever arise. The chances of that happening, however, are far less than were the case before.

You could just say that lessons from the past have been learned. Necessary checks and balances have been put into place and where necessary, regulatory mechanisms have been put into place to aid those more vulnerable than others. In this sense, it is mostly the average man and woman against the globe’s largest corporate hegemonies. But men and women are becoming more brazen in how they approach finance and business. They are becoming aware of their rights and are also acquiring new tools to set themselves up for a successful business going forward.

One such tool is that of YouTube. It is here where men and women as startup engineers can link their business websites and publish their latest video presentations, telling onlookers why they should be buying into their business. Of course, getting people to visit is another matter altogether. You will more than likely find that your chosen niche already has dozens, if not, hundreds of other rivals already. You can overcome the obstacle of attracting a desirable amount of visitors to your website or video presentation within a matter of minutes.

Another must have tool towards thriving commercially online is that of YouTube views. You can get the ball rolling in attracting new traffic to your business website when you buy YouTube views. The views are used to attract new visitors. The more visitors you have, the greater the potential there is for you to derive a steady stream of advertising revenue. It goes by way of the number of clicks directly onto your website or video presentation. You may have greater ambitions going forward. It is great to be deriving some advertising income from affiliates, but will this be enough.

buy YouTube views

Try and compare it with the positive accumulative effects of compound interest after a good investment is made. Again, it goes back to the same principle, the more clicks you generate, the better the chances are for visitors to take an active interest in your business offering. So perhaps more YouTube views are in order? Why not? The more you have the more visitors you will receive. Volumes may speak louder than words. But some new startups may have concerns about the quality of visitors they are receiving. That can be addressed as well.


Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Indoor Rabbit Cages

Owning a rabbit can be a very rewarding experience provided you are able to meet the physical and emotional needs of the little pet. These animals can live for quite a few years so you really need to ask yourself if you are ready to make that commitment and if you are not, then hold off getting a rabbit. Working on the premise you are ready to own a rabbit you will need to review a variety of different indoor rabbit cages before you can make a decision on which would best suit your needs.

Things to Bear in Mind When Searching for a Suitable Indoor Rabbit Cage

The first key consideration is how much space you will have available for the rabbit. These animals can be quite active so you will need a cage that is large enough for the rabbit to run around. The cage should also provide a quiet space for the rabbit to hide away when they want to rest or be away from everything.  When you have a rough idea on the dimensions of the rabbit cage the next step is to find a suitable manufacturer.

indoor rabbit cages

Qualities to Look for in a Rabbit Cage Manufacturer

Start by finding out where the manufacturers are based, if they are located overseas then you really need to pay close attention to the company and find out whether they have a reputation of providing good quality cages. Since the rabbit cages are being produced overseas these countries may have sub-standard quality control processes in place, this lax approach to quality control could put your rabbit in harm’s way so try to identify cage manufacturers that have been in operation for a considerable number of years. Manufacturers that have been in business for a very long time should have a track record can be easily substantiated.  Once you are satisfied with the quality of the rabbit cages being produced the next step is to start looking for online vendors that are selling the indoor rabbit cage you are interested in buying.

Getting a Great Deal on a New Indoor Rabbit Cage

List the vendors that have the specific rabbit cage you want to buy. When you have the names of the various retailers you will need to note the price being quoted by each of them individually to try and determine which one is going to give you the best deal.

While comparing the prices being quoted by each of the vendors you also have to determine whether the quoted price includes shipping fees. If the cost of shipping is not factored into the quote you would need to find out what it is and add it to the asking price. Once you have completed the pricing review you can finally proceed and make a buying decision.

By following the steps we have outlined you should have no challenges providing your rabbit with a comfortable cage to enjoy their life with you.


Have You Thought About Working with a Whitby Landscaping Company?

Think about how you want your yard and the rest of the areas around your home to look. If you’re like a lot of people, you have likely been trying to figure out the best ways in which you can work things out and discover how you want to get ahead of the curve with whatever may be going on. As you take a look at options like a Whitby landscaping company, you are going to be curious as to why you should hire someone to take care of your outdoor spaces.

There are a lot of ways in which you can make these sorts of determinations, and you can start to figure out how much you want to do to make sense of the solutions. As you get to a point where you are figuring out your specific needs and concerns, you will also start to notice that it can be that much more effective to actually take certain steps toward whatever it is that you want to be able to accomplish. You can talk to others to see why they have gone about things in a particular way as well.

Whitby landscaping company

By sorting out your various ideas and looking at different ways in which you can get ahead of the curve with your outdoor areas, you’re going to see that different people have a lot to say about whether or not they want to get ahead of certain points with all of the work that they are doing. How do you know that what you’re doing is favorable for your needs? Are there considerations that you want to work with? And in the end, are you actually going to see a difference when you get out of whatever may be going on?

Check out exactly what you’re doing and make sense of how you want to get everything done. You can, often, discover a variety of different methods in which you can work out details and see how you want to work ahead of the game, no matter what it is that you may be trying to achieve. Looking at just how much you can find and making sense of it will end up being that much more effective as you move forward and figure everything out for your yard or your garden.

You can, often, find a lot of different ways in which you can get what you need without spending too much money on whatever is waiting for you. You can talk to a number of people about exactly what may be going on and, in the long run, you’re also going to be able to figure out how you want to do things with it as well. Find a landscaping company that really knows what is going on and you will see why it actually makes a difference in regards to all of the things that you feel like you should be doing at the same time.


Looking Around for The DWP Contact Number

There are a lot of little things that you need to worry about when it comes to taking care of the needs that you may have. You can, often, discover a variety of options that are related to exactly what needs to be taken care of in regards to your needs. Whether you need the dwp contact number or some other number, you are trying to make sure that you can find exactly what you want, or need, in order to get everything taken care of.

So, of course, this begs the question – what are you supposed to do to make things happen in a certain manner? Whether you’re looking at the little things that come in relation to all that may be going on, or you just need to make sure that you get your question answered properly, you want to be certain that what you’re doing is helpful and makes sense for all of the different things that you may be looking to do or accomplish as a part of the bigger process.

dwp contact number

This, of course, is not always an easy task, because there are a lot of hoops that you need to go through in order to figure out exactly what is going on and why you may want to look at the bigger picture of everything. You can learn a lot about what you’re getting into and, many times, you’re going to see that it really does make a difference as to how much you want to be able to achieve as a result of the work that you’re doing. That alone can actually teach you a lot about what may be next with the whole thing.

In short, take your time and know that, no matter who you are talking to, that you’re actually going to be able to see what a difference that it could make in regards to this whole thing. You will find that, many times, you get just what you need so that you can see whatever may be going on with the whole thing. Then, on top of that, you are also going to be able to discover just what is going on and why you’re going to get ahead with everything that you’re doing.

Make the connections that you need and make sure that you learn how to work out the details necessary to stay ahead of all that is going on. Many times, you’re going to find that there are a lot of different things that you need to be able to do to get everything out the way that it needs to be. That alone can be helpful in regards to how you get ahead and find the tools that you need. When all is said and done, you’re not only going to be able to see a difference, but you will also discover that it works out better for everyone because your case took a lot less time, as well.


A brief overview of phenq reviews ingredients

There are strong motivations for many of you reading this article tonight. Many of you are concerned about your weight. You may not necessarily be what the call morbidly obese, but you are, nevertheless, above, some of you, way above your natural healthy weight in terms of your age and physical composition, which includes height. Needless to say, you are concerned and wish to take action. Fortunately, you are not panicking.

That is a good thing. Because this means that tonight, you can read through your phenq reviews slowly, surely and carefully, making sure that you do not miss a shred of information. This short article serves merely as your curtain raiser to those reviews, many of which are fairly extensive in the amount of detailed information that is included. One of the most fascinating narratives in any well drawn up review is an authoritative overview of what ingredients are included in the natural weight loss pill and what each ingredient does for the body.

phenq reviews

So, without further ado, and by way of a nice introduction, let this article provide you with a précis of that. In the case of the Phen Q weight loss pill the ingredients are quite substantial, so in this article just a sample will be listed here. The ingredients listed are; capsimax powder, calcium carbonate, chromium picolinate and caffeine. Let us start with that last ingredient by making a significant point. Not taking this for granted, it is now common knowledge that most of today’s weight loss remedy pills, good or bad, approved or not, include caffeine.

The main reason for caffeine’s inclusion is that it acts as a stimulant towards encouraging alertness and focus. It remains debatable in that it is also known to reduce fatigue. But this debate can easily be squashed in the sense that it is also common knowledge that taking in such a stimulant in large quantities will produce counter or negative results. But not so with the Phen Q pill. This is assuming that users simply take the pill as prescribed on the bottle’s instruction label. But where weight loss is concerned, the main feature of caffeine absorption is that it has the ability to suppress hunger.

Caffeine is, in effect, also included in capsimax powder, another Phen Q ingredient. This powder also contains natural capsicum (hence its name), piperine and niacin (also defined as vitamin B3). Capsicum is derived from the capsicum pepper plant while piperine is your typical black pepper. These two natural ingredients contain thermogenic properties, meaning that in heating the body’s heat it can aid the reduction in weight. Black pepper can also curb the production of new fat cells.

It is well known that calcium is essential for keeping bones strong. But it is also beneficial in helping the body maintain its natural weight. Calcium encourages the body’s cells to store less fat. While doing this, calcium encourages the cells to burn the excess (stored) fat.


Online vape store benefits for readers who just don’t know how to quit

Hello readers. Hope you have not been coughing too much. Because we know just how bad that feels. Many of us are still smokers, and we can relate. But our habits have changed for the better. We will explain why in a moment. It is rather unpleasant to wake up in the middle of the night and vent a coarse bout of smoking-related coughs. Then you light up and smoke another cigarette. The habit is so bad that this is the only way to get back to sleep. Anyway, hello readers, we know how you feel. It’s not easy. No matter how many times your good doctor has told you to chuck up smoking, it’s not easy to quit, is it.

Online vape store benefits are for those of you who just don’t know how to quit this nasty habit. If some of you do know how, then it’s also pointless telling other readers how. This is because even though you know how, you still can’t quit. The addiction to nicotine is quite phenomenal. The manufacturers did a fine job on us all, didn’t they? But we think vape manufacturers have done an even better job. They have created devices which fortuitously lessons the chances of us doing even more damage to our lungs. The chances of prolonging our lives are greater and the chances of contracting smoking related diseases are lessened.

Are we talking through our noses? No, not at all. This is a known fact. We are only dishing out the information. Vaping devices or e-cigarette holders contain far less nicotine than those conventional tobacco paper cigarettes that many of you still can’t seem to stub out. Today, choices are democratic and optional. If you are that serious about improving your health and still can’t seem to quit, then you can always go in for nicotine free cigarette holders. Or should we say; eliquid canisters. You will be smoking through a liquefied device.

It is quite similar to the ancient practice of smoking a hookah pipe. In fact, if you are a social smoker, you can indulge in this pleasant practice too. Talk to your vape store vendor, or go through his catalogues and introduce yourselves to the ancient arts of smoking a hookah pipe. In both cases – e cigarette smoking, hookah smoking – the experience is enhanced. This is because when you emit smoke, a pleasant aroma is given off. It is far removed from the noxious taste of your current cigarette packs. You can select flavors, any flavors under the rainbow, that you find favor with.

Online vape store

Or should we be saying; find flavor with. Anyway,, new readers are not hard done by. There are still reams of information you can go through, telling you more about this innovative smoking practice, it’s been around for a few years already, and how it can benefit you, the regular smoker.


How to Quality for Auto Financing

If you are in the market for a newer vehicle like a hybrid SUV or just want to know whether you qualify for competitive financing these tips are going to help give you a sporting chance. The first thing you should do is contact the top three credit reporting agencies and request a free copy of your credit report. You have the right to request this and the credit reporting agency cannot charge you for this free copy. What you will need to do when you receive the credit report is look for any potential mistakes inside the report, if there are mistakes inside the report then it will drag your credit score down and lenders rely almost entirely on credit scores when determining what interest rate they are going to charge. Unless you enjoy paying more interest than what is necessary you have to get these errors corrected by writing to the credit reporting agency right away.

Additional Steps to Take

After you have addressed the errors within your credit report you should consider paying down your outstanding credit card balances. By lowering the total amount of debt you have outstanding prospective lenders will perceive you as less of a default risk and reward you with lower interest rates. This will take time to accomplish but it is worth the effort over the long run.

Finding the Right Source of Auto Loans

Prior to looking for a hybrid SUV or any other type of vehicle you should try to shop around and find out what prospective lenders are willing to offer you. The simplest way you can do that is by going online and getting multiple quotes from a variety of lenders. While reviewing the quotes you must write down both the interest being charged and the service fees if any being levied by the prospective lender. When you have the total cost of the auto loans established then you can start looking for vehicles to purchase.

hybrid SUV

Instead of focusing on a brand new vehicle which usually experiences a tremendous amount of depreciation the moment you drive the car off the lot you might consider going for a previously owned vehicle. There are many great previously owned vehicles that are available out there in the market and if you are resourceful you may be able to find the one that matches your budget and goals. If you do purchase a previously owned vehicle you should consider investing in an extended warranty, while the upfront cost may be more the net benefit is you will have peace of mind knowing the vehicle is protected should anything happen to it.

The last thing you should do is purchase the vehicle through a dealership and not through a private individual. Dealerships have very strict laws they must follow while a private seller could sell you a lemon and you would be stuck paying on a vehicle you cannot drive so make it a point to only deal with reputable car dealerships and you shouldn’t have any issues realizing your goal of securing an auto loan.


Keeping Tabs On Celebrity Net Worth

There is no question that the United States is a culture obsessed by celebrities.  People spend hours on the internet or watching celebrity news shows in order to get the latest scoop on all of their favorite celebs.  There are many different websites out there that specialize in giving people all of the latest gossip about their favorite celebs, but very few of them will actually help you to understand the amount of money that these famous people have been able to build up over the years.  For those of us who want to be able to see which celebs are living the good life and which ones are not, there are websites like that actually allow you to look over the total worth of all of your favorite celebs right in a single site. 

    One of the best things about this particular site is that you can look at the top 100 celebs of a given industry.  Whether you want to see the richest actors, directors, authors, or even tech entrepreneurs, this is the site to go to in order to see who has built the biggest empire.  For anyone who wants to be able to get access to this sort of info, this is an amazing place to do it.  Whether you just want to be able to talk to friends about the info you find there, or even impress your friends with your knowledge of celeb trivia, it is always nice to be able to access this sort of info whenever you want to.

    You can even compare your favorite celebs with your friends’ favorite celebs in order to see who has become more successful over the years.  You might even be able to attempt to compare the amount of talent that the celebs have with the amount of money that they make.  You might be surprised by the fact that some of the most talented people on the lists actually make less money than some of the lesser talents.  A lot of it really comes down to who has the right agent to get the right jobs to the right people in order to help them to build their wealth.  Not all things, particularly in entertainment, come down to who is the most talented person out there.

    If this is your cup of tea, then a site like this is something that can really help you to grow your knowledge about the wealthiest people in the world.  No matter what your reasoning for wanting to have this info, it is always nice to know that it is there and available to you.  With so many wealthy people continuing to grow their wealth, the lists change on a regular basis, and so it is nice to be able to check in on it regularly in order to see what has or has not changed.  All in all, it is definitely a good site for those who are interested in the info.


Shopping for Used Cars in Phoenix

So, we all know that there is a lot of excitement that goes around the whole process of buying a car that you can enjoy and work with. Because of that, you’re going to find that there are a lot of great options that you can utilize in order to ensure that you’re getting the most for your efforts and the time that you put into making everything happen in a positive manner. While it can be hard to really sort out what is going on in that circumstance, you may be trying to figure out how to find the used cars in phoenix that meet your needs and your concerns the most easily.

Learning about your particular car needs is always quite an experience and, because of that, you’re going to find that there are a lot of little things that you could be doing to make the whole thing work as well. While this isn’t always an easy thing to figure out, you’re going to find that it can be quite a great way to stay ahead of whatever it is that you’re going to be doing as a part of the process.

Look for a used car that is going to meet your standards and that is not going to make it difficult for you to discover just what may be going on in regards to the big picture of everything. As you start to really look at what is available with this whole thing, you’re going to see that there are a lot of ways to ensure that you’re getting the best results for all of the work that you may be doing as a part of the process as well.

Learning about your options is not always an easy path, but if you’re willing to take your time and check out what you can get yourself into, you’re going to find that it can work out a lot better than whatever else that you would have done in order to get the vehicle that you need in order to stay on top of all that may be going on with it. You can find a lot of used cars on the web and, if you’re lucky, you can make connections with certain people so that you’re actually going to be able to find situations that make sense for all of the little things that you are looking to do and achieve with it.

used cars in phoenix

Find a car that you love and that is going to make a difference in how much you can enjoy as part of the process of getting just what you need in regards to your life and the way that you live it. You can learn a lot about cars during your search and, when you finally decide on whatever it is that you may want to invest in as a part of your process, you can be happy with the car that you finally choose to purchase in the long run.


Use the Kayla Itsines BBG for a Better Body

The thing about the Bikini Body Guide workout is that it works. Many thousands of people have enjoyed the benefits of a slimmer, trimmer, healthier body by following the advice of personal trainer, Kayla Itsines. She has developed a cogent and reasonable workout and living plan for everyone to use to get that bikini body back so you can feel free to show off your hot body again. The kayla itsines bbg results are outstanding and people are raving about how this practical program can get the pounds off, keep them off, and give you a strong, healthy body with great endurance.

When you reach a point in your life that you realize you have gained too many pounds of fat, it is a bit of a disappointment. Instead of letting it get you down, love yourself for who you are and begin to make some changes. Take a look at everything in your life that leads you to eat too much and exercise too little. Then, get started with a basic exercise program and work your way up. Educate yourself about nutrition and better eating habits as you begin to establish an exercise routine. Seek out all the resources on healthy living and weight loss that you can possibly find.

One of the best things you can read is a Kayla Istines Bikini Body Guide Review and discover the magnificent weight loss and fitness possibilities with this program. You will see that it is possible to shed the excess body fat and gain some lean muscle in order to keep the fat off. You get a tried and true program developed by a professional personal trainer who has your best interests at heart. It is wonderful to know that such a powerful program exists to help you meet your fitness goals in a reasonable period of time.

You should know by now that fad diets do not work. Even though some of the fad diets will drop pounds very quickly, you usually gain all of that weight back and more. Additionally, many of these radical diets do not take exercise into account. Any doctor will tell you that physical fitness is essential for weight loss and for total physical health. There is no way out of the exercise factor when it comes to fitness. However, you can do a reasonable exercise program at your own pace. You do not have to drive yourself to exhaustion with some extreme fitness program in order to attain your fitness goals.

kayla itsines bbg results

As long as you are consistent and stick with a good program like that offered with the BBG workout, you will make regular strides toward the goal of a lean and fit body. It takes effort, patience, and discipline. You will find other tools in the program to help you out along the way. Also be sure to try getting a fitness partner. If you have someone else doing this with you, it will help you to stay motivated and you can more easily get the body you want.

Property investment fundamentals

Each continent or major urban center has its unique set of regulations and principles which act as draw cards for potential investors always looking in and waiting to get inside until the right investment opportunity presents itself. Whilst you would not be incorrect in perceiving that the European Union, or continent, is no different than any other where economies of scale thrive, you would be blind-sided in dismissing the continent’s unique set of commercial and economic regulations believed to be far more stringent than any other place on earth.

In spite of a number of challenges over the years to do with conditions unique to the territories and the doing of its stakeholders, the continent is on the mend. The argument goes that the regulations that have given economic role players some form of protection and leeway to be advantaged ahead of global rivals have proved to be sound. Finest Invest Dresden and similar advisory vehicles will, however, be pushing the pen in terms of muscling it out with rivals. While the European continent remains heavily regulated in comparison to others, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well amongst many of the continent’s cities.

It is no less the case for Dresden which vies for investment space with its more formidable national opponents in the form of Munich and Berlin. Berlin may be the legislative capital of the continent’s strongest economy but like many other smaller cities dotted across the continent, Dresden has its own unique features which make it an attractive investment destination for newcomers. Of course, these investors still need to visit the balance sheets and wait on the findings from sound due diligence exercises before making a final decision.

The good thing now is that the investment climate is healthy enough to the degree that no financial pressure needs to be placed on the investor. Whilst there are regulations, perceived obstacles are nothing of the sort. The prudent investor knows full well that the climate has been set up in such a way that it benefits him. Regulations and a number of checks and balances in place are there to protect him. The investor welcomes this as it will be protecting his investment arm. His property vehicles are primed for growth.

Finest Invest Dresden

Property in Europe is generally not cheap in comparison to other parts of the world. Investing in property in Germany still needs to be carefully weighted in terms of realistic affordability. But in cities like Dresden, there are no gambles for the first time commercial property investor. In order to be successful in his enterprise he will need to look at long term objectives and investigate whether they can be met in places like Dresden. He can also have in place a proper set of fundamentals that are unique to his business and circumstances and ambitions. The smart investor will stay true to his fundamentals while leveraging the expertise of a firm such as Finest Invest Dresden to find and close the successful property investment.

Throwing your idice to make money

The throwing of dice is one of the oldest games men have played to raise money for their fortunes. Those who gazed into the circle of players would always perceive that this was purely a game of chance. If your lucky number came up, you would win the hand of money declared and lying in the center of that circle. But ask anyone who has played the game studiously in its many forms and they will tell you that this is no game of chance. It takes quite an amount of skill to roll out the targeted number, anything from one to six.

There are also dice games that include two blocks, in which case you get to throw doubles. In other words, your target number is two sides of six, totaling twelve, for instance. From casino gambling halls to the kitchen table monopoly game, many rules apply. And there is no argument about it. Skill will always be required to roll out the correct and targeted numbers. It takes practice to get this right. Seasoned gamblers are sometimes allowed to bring their own worn blocks which they have become quite accustomed to.

They have become accustomed to its look and feel. And in many cases, they deem that these familiar old blocks do bring them a bit of superstitious luck. But of course, not always. On most occasions to make all games fair and square, all players are required to roll the same dice. In the idice scheme of things similar rules will apply. All who are signed up online will inevitably be rolling the same dice. Behind the scenes, there will always be a manager or referee to ensure that no cheating ensues and no players are robbed of their monetary input.

But the money changing hands this time round are not your familiar currencies. To this day, conventional traders who say that they have always played by the rules remain skeptical. They are not sure whether this new currency will eventually catch on like wild fire. But those who have ventured this far will tell you that there is potential to make money fairly and, of course, not without its risks. Where trading in currencies is concerned there will always be risks. This has very little to do with the currency being used, if at all.


It has more to do with those that are handling the new money. In the idice scheme of things, you, as a new trading member, are administered and safeguarded by a team of experts from different and unlikely backgrounds. On the one hand, you are being handled by seasoned entrepreneurs, as it were. On the other hand, you are being seen to by software innovators who are always hard at work cracking new codes to see to it that this dice truly becomes a workable part of the new normal, still a long way off, or the internet of things, very much a part of our everyday lives already.  

How carrageenan correlates with food science

If it was not for food science, we would not be here to tell you this story. If it was not for food science, many of you would not be reading this note. As the world’s population has exploded over the last hundred years or so, the world we live in has become quite complex. The saying goes that while urban living space is at a premium and vital resources are scarce, there is still plenty of more room for new additions. If only we knew how. If only we all knew how to share our precious resources and had the willing desire to do just that.

If only. If it was not for food science, we would not have carrageenan. And if it wasn’t for carrageenan, it is quite possible that many of us might not be here tonight reading and writing for information’s sake. In a healthy almond nutshell, food science makes food possible for billions of the world’s people. In order to preserve food for longer and to keep it safe for consumption for those billions it has become a necessary and acceptable industry practice to use carrageen. Carrageen helps preserve our food for longer.

It makes food accessible to more people, particularly in areas that have not always been ideal for exporting. In such areas, it takes longer to reach those in need. So, by the time essential food has reached these vulnerable people, it is still well-preserved with the added bonus that it remains flavorful. Today, with global warming and climate change and conflict on everyone’s doorstep, just about, applying food science to our everyday lives and needs has become even more important. It is already showing positive results.


All you need to do is think of all the healthy discoveries that have been made in terms of organic food sources which are now easier to process and easier for people to access. The debate, however, continues to rage on. This debate has to do with the high cost of organic foodstuffs. Questions continue to be asked as to why food that is good for us is so much more expensive than food that is harmful to our health. Now, the arguments goes that if it wasn’t for the deliberate addition of a naturally, organic compound such as carrageenan, healthy food, organic to boot, would be so much more expensive.

We get that. Really we do. But is this still acceptable. Things are still in our own hands. It just requires a little more time, patience and application on our own part. For instance, if we live near coastlines, what is preventing us from picking our own seaweed and then learning how to process it for our everyday safe and healthy use? What is stopping bereaved fishing communities, where fishing restrictions have been placed upon them due to globally low fish stocks, from turning to the harvesting of seaweed as a healthy alternative of generating much needed income.